I met Patrick in Mumbai and then worked with him in Orlando, Oceanside, Miami Beach, and Australia.  He really laughs from his whole being, and he radiates joy.  Patrick is the right person to spread laughter wherever he goes!
—Dr. Madan Kataria, 2003 (updated in 2009)

Patrick is a bright, caring, and approachable man who has demonstrated not only the technical skills of LaughterYoga;he also fully embraces the spirit of Laughter Yoga into his life. As an educator, Patrick has already taken both theskills and the energy of Laughter Yoga into the academic arena. For example: I have always argued that thephilosophy of LaughterYoga is simply“World Peace through Laughter.” Patrick has taken this idea to another levelby teaching and demonstrating that laughter itself is a practice of non-violence. In my opinion, this is brilliant!Patrick really understands the yoga of laughter.
—Dr. Madan Kataria, 2009

Patrick is one of the most senior figures in the international Laughter Club movement.
—4th Annual All American Laughter Yoga Conference, 2009

My husband Steve (who arrived straight from work - most likely grouchy) surprisingly enjoyed Laughter Yoga. I now think Patrick Welage is a miracle worker!
—Testimony from a participant at the grand opening celebration of the Cincinnati Yoga School in 2007

Patrick won the title of 'Most Infectious  Male Laugher' at the 2nd Annual All American Laughter Yoga Conference in Oceanside, CA.
—Conference director, 2006


Articles About Patrick Murphy Welage

Inside Xavier

The Laughologist - By Suzanne Buzek

Patrick Murphy Welage laughs for no reason. But before you question his sanity, you should know that the adjunct theology professor’s spontaneous bursts are part of the worldwide movement—known as laughter yoga—dedicated to creating more peaceful minds, happier people, and overall communal harmony.  Read more...

Natural Awakenings

Laughter as Yoga, a Way of Life: Patrick Murphy Welage - by Kristin DeMint

If you’ve talked with him for just a second, you know him—even if you never officially met.

You know him because you’ve experienced his presence, and you walked away from the exchange feeling lighter, feeling more optimistic, feeling a deep and seemingly limitless connection to this man you hardly know. In a sense, talking with Patrick Murphy Welage is like coming face to-face with your inner child. Ask him about anything, it seems, and suddenly you feel bubbling up within you this innocence, this joy, this happy-go-lucky enjoyment of conversational play. For Welage, laughter isn’t a random occurrence; it’s a constant companion, a way of life. For him, laughter is yoga—it’s unity with others, with a higher power, with his deepest self.  Read more...

Streetvibes Article

Profs and Prophets of Non-Violence: Laughter is one way to become one - by Aimie Willhoite, Contributing Writer

What is violence? Surprisingly, today most would define violence solely as a physical action or force that causes bodily harm. We cannot ignore evidence, though, that violence is more than just brute force.

Mental, emotional and spiritual violence exist as counterparts to this physical expression. And if we devote more time understanding the complex layers of violence, it will ultimately lead to deeper discussions, which can be dedicated to the idea of non-violence. What is non-violence, and how might we actually be able to practice it within our own lives?  Read more...

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